What I Can Do, and What a Pleasure It Is to Work with Me

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Hi! I am Borys Yushmanov, a graphic designer from Saint Petersburg. I am the one who is usually called a universal designer, although the more precise term would be T-shaped specialist. I am professional in creating websites, developing interfaces, print design, branding, and 3D graphics. In my case, these are not separate specializations, but tools for reaching different visual communication aims. I have been using these tools successfully for more than 25 years already; 15 of which freelance. What does it mean? It means that if after all those years I am still in the profession, I am a perfect designer, diligent worker, and a nice person in general. You can trust me. 🙂

I am always in search of interesting work challenges. It may be a single order, or long-term projects, or full-time teamwork. Do not hesitate to contact me with offers or questions; this absolutely non-binding move may result in some interesting collaborations. Even if I cannot help you with some particular problem, I can almost always recommend something or somebody.

My competencies

Web Design

Project, design, and layout of corporate websites, online shops, landings — from design specification development to the project release. Creating graphic concept designs of websites, web- or mobile applications, responsive layout in HTML/CSS/JS; development and production of websites and online shops in CMS WordPress. I have a team of developers for 1C-Bitrix and individual solutions. I also work with Wix and Tilda.


HTML, CSS, JS / Bootstrap / WordPress, 1С-Битрикс / Wix, Tilda / Sketch, Figma / Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.


Visual identity: logos, trademarks, advertisement image solutions, graphic charters, brand books. In other words, if you need your corporate identity — beginning with logo and ending with your aircraft livery — I can produce it in due time, for a reasonable price, and with minimal emotional damage for both sides.


Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / 3ds max / Camera / Pencil / Paper / etc.


Print design: catalogs, brochures, periodicals, annual reports, calendars, books, packages. Concept development, design, layout, pre-print. To sum up: if you need to print something on paper — from the brochure to the annual report — I can design it (from scratch or according to your guides), make a layout and prepare for printing. The only exception is book page layout, I do not do that.


Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign / QuarkXPress / 3ds max etc.

Printing house «R-Master», Moscow. Designer.

Advertising agency «Terpsichore», Moscow. Designer.

Advertising agency «BrandWay», Moscow. Art director, designer.

Magazine Bookvy, Moscow. Art director, designer.

Magazine Lyceum and gymnasium education, Moscow. Art director, designer.

2007until now
St. Petersburg. Designer, freelancer.


Contact Me

Ph / Tg / Wt  +7 911 004 6340

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