A small collection of 3D graphic and digital painting works. All works are available for purchase. Canvas (gallery-wrapped or not) or paper print is possible. Maximum size — 120 cm on the long side.

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New Works



3D, 2021 г.

Collection of works inspired by Antonio Sant’Elia’s Citta Nuova, influenced by Lebbeus Woods and Yakov Chernikhov.

Machina Magica

Machina Magica

This series was created under impression from the texts by Michael Maier, Robert Fludd, Johann Valentin Andreae and other thinkers who worked on the edge of hermetic qabalah tradition and scientific revolution trends. Magic machines, representing the synthesis of magic and technology, aimed at transmuting substance into energy by means of geometry, mechanics and alchemy. I use abstracts from Liber Chanokh sub figura LXXXIV by John Dee and Edward Kelley written in Enochian (Angelic) language. This set of works is not completed and is going to be enlarged.


Monas Suprematica

Monas Suprematica

The series of works Monas Suprematica originates from an attempt to develop the ideas of suprematists and constructivists with the help of contemporary means of design and visualization. The name of the series is an allusion to the Monas Hieroglyphica by John Dee, a composite alchemical symbol which encompasses all other symbols. Malevich’s Black Suprematic Square is a graphic monad, «ultimate form», the symbol of pure non-objectivity, equal to itself. Monas Suprematica are three-dimensional hieroglyphs that emerge from the depth of the Black Square.



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